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If you're looking for a dentist in Fairfield or Green Valley, California, we welcome you to our practice

At Waterview Dental Care, our priority is to deliver quality care to informed patients in a comfortable and convenient setting.

Quality Care

When you have dental problems, you need to turn to a dentist in Fairfield who listens and responds … an experienced doctor who knows the field and can effectively diagnose and treat your needs … a friendly Fairfield dentist who counsels you on the best ways to maintain and improve your health. Our dentist meets all these criteria. Plus, you benefit from a dedicated team of trained dental professionals who give you the individualized attention you deserve.

Informed Patients

Waterview Dental Care believes that informed patients are better prepared to make decisions regarding their health and well being. That is why we’ve included an extensive section on this web site covering the full array of topics associated with dentistry and dental diagnoses and treatments. We encourage you to look through these pages whenever you have an interest or concern about your dental needs and care.

Comfortable, Convenient Setting

The best care in the world doesn’t mean anything if you can’t access it. At Waterview Dental Care,we strive to make our Fairfield office as efficient and convenient as possible. Included in these web pages is information about Waterview Dental Care’s office, including our Fairfield location, maps, directions, hours, insurance policies and appointment scheduling. You can even email a request for an appointment right here!

We hope you find this web site useful and invite you to contact us with your questions at any time.

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What Our Clients Say About Us

  • "Nice environment. Great location. I liked the fact that I called on Thursday to schedule an appointment and I was able to come in Saturday morning of the following week. I did not have to miss time from work during the weekdays. I like the fact that I am called into the office as soon as I arrive. I do not have to wait. My entire family comes to this office and will continue to refer others."
  • "I felt that the hygienist cared about how comfortable I was, she let me take a breath when I was tired and wanted to make sure I wasn’t feeling any pain. Also that I didn’t have to wait for my treatment. In the past other dental offices, I get there time of appt and I’m waiting over 30 min to be seen then have to wait another 30 min in the dental chair waiting for treatment. Very frustrating."
    M. DeMasi
  • "This is the first time I can really tell my teeth have been cleaned. They feel polished."
  • "Everyone was friendly and it was very nice to have a female dentist for a vhange!!"
  • "The entire staff is very promt and always approachable in every aspect"
  • "Jennifer was patient and accommodating. I liked the follow up phone calls to check in. Thanks!"
  • "Everything was explained in manner which was easy to understand"
  • "Everyones courteousness and professionalism"
  • "Helpful, very considerate, respectful, made me feel comfortable"
  • "Lots of good, very specific tips for at home."
    M. Holden
  • "The calm, quiet atmosphere and the kind/courteous dentist and staff. Dr. Dhugga is by far the best dentist I have had, She makes me feel comfortable and I truly believe she cares…that is very rare these days."
    C pathcen
  • "Easy appointment, close to home, office was neat and people were nice."
  • "The promtness and punctuality of my appointment time. I wasn’t sitting in the waiting room for longer than 10 mins"
  • "Timely and always a good experience! I always feel like my care is important to Waterview."
  • "The dentist is nice and the dental assistant was nice too"
  • "Very personal and professional."
  • "Your office is the best and any person that I know needs a great Doctor I will refer to you. Have a wonderful day and God Bless each of you at the office"
  • "The friendly service and the workers at Waterview Dental who have cleaned my teeth, were the best that I have ever had"
  • "Very friendly, and was honest without worry me. Dr. Dhugga was kind and gentle and had a smile on her face. I’ve been to dentists that just don’t work, and make it seem like it was a chore. Dr. Dhugga was very kind and gentle."
  • "You all made Markus feel very comfortable, he thought the office was nice and loved everyone’s sense of humor. Thanks"
  • "Dr. Dhugga’s sensitivity and explanation of every step of the process"
  • "Everyone is really personable and willing to help and the location is really close to my office"
    P. Campbell
  • "Very nice and clean office, updated equipment and the staff was very friendly as well as Dr. Dhugga. The chair massage was a nice touch"
    E. Pierson
  • "Very informative, very comfortable atmosphere"
    D. Britt
  • "You and your group are very nice people. You always have good recommendations for improvement."
    J. Meurer
  • "Customer service, that’s why I am coming back to your office. I like the professionalism you and your staff have"
  • "Supportive and friendly as always"
  • "The expert care I received from the whole team"
  • "I was told ahead of time what was covered by my insurance and what is not. Also, I really liked the fact that Tina gave me a printout of what my future treatments would cost."
  • "As always, I always have a pleasant experience on all my visits. Never have to wait on my schedule appointment (that’s a big plus). ALL STAFF were GREAT. My first time with Janice, she did very good. Thanks"
    E. orcullo
  • "Modern, clean, and sophisticated office. Very nice staff. I really liked the massage chair."
    R. McHuen
  • "The doctor was on schedule, didn’t have to wait in the waiting room very long"
    K. Johnson
  • "We have been looking for a new dentist for awhile. I was pleased with the staff, dentist and how clean everything was. We have found our new dentist!!!!"
    V. Dunham
  • "Courteous, friendly service and a very through cleaning in a clean, comfortable environment"
  • "No pain…and Dr. Dhugga’s gentle approach…and meeting and speaking with Renee."
    E. Bostic
  • "I love Dr. Dhugga"
    K. Pacheco
  • "Dr. Dhugga is one of the nicest, personable, and genuine dentists I’ve met so far."
    T. Togonon
  • "veryone makes you feel comfortable and we know how important that is when it comes to visiting the dentist. Their friendliness and smiles makes it nice too"
    P. Ramirez
  • "You are great, just keep on the good work"
    M. Halabi
  • "My visit was wonderful, one of the best recommendations I’ve received. Dr. Dhugga and all the staff kept me informed, as I was having my procedure done"
    C. Lewis
  • "Everyone is ALWAYS so friendly even though something seems to come up and I need to reschedule for one reason or another. Here the workers are friendly still after the inconvenience of rescheduling my family time and time again. Thank you so much for making my family feel welcomed no matter what!"
    K. Ross
  • "The friendly and courteous staff and knowledgeable doctor."
    N. Sidhu
  • "It was the first visit for my daughter. Love that it is close to my home. Dr. Dhugga is very nice & thorough. She explained what she was going to do which was nice."
    S. Widemann
  • "No wait time, pleasant, and everyone is friendly"
    P. Campbel
  • "Friendly staff, appointment on time"
    B. Shipp
  • "The care and information that the doctor provided for various treatment options"
    E. Olivares
  • "The care is very thorough"
    T. Azevedo
  • "Friendly, comprehensive"
    M. Fabi
  • "Very little wait time before appt. everyone professional and yet helpful and find"
    D. Innes
  • "Peaceful environment, nice people, quick procedures, the results are always amazing"
    J. Johl
  • "Dr. Dhugga’s professionalism and gentle manner has helped me overcome my fear of dentists. There is till some fear but not nearly the level of fear I had when I first visited Waterview Dental. Thank you everyone"
    C. Bailey
  • "I liked how Dr. Dhugga explained every step of my procedure to me. Everyone seemed to care about my comfort level. I noted that my teeth were very sensitive to certain things and I could tell that Dr. Dhugga kept that in mind. The team was also welcoming"
  • "Your were calm and explained everything you were going to do while working with my son. It was his first visit to the dentist. He definitely liked that he got a toy and a toothbrush"
    K. Hunter
  • "What I liked the best about my visits is Dr. Dhugga’s chair side manner and her knowledge. (She is so kind)… she makes me feel very comfortable and she answers all my questions so I can understand. The assistant were wonderful too. Angelique was awesome when I needed emergency help. I refer your office to everyone who is looking for a dentist."
    L. Cabral
  • "The time and the care that you and your assistant took to make sure everything was right. I really appreciate it."
    D. Sagara
  • "The doctor and staff are very friendly. And did a good job on my deep cleaning. NO PAIN!!"
  • "I always come away knowing that the best possible result based on my needs is delivered"
  • "Everybody was very nice and professional and helped me out with my child I had with me. Thank you"
    N. Guzman
  • "Responsiveness to phone calls. Angelique is wonderful. Concerns addressed properly and competently, willing to work around my difficult schedule."
    H. Davis
  • "I appreciated being treated the same day without an appointment. I appreciated the time and the attention to detail. I appreciated the sympathetic manner in which I was cared for."
    H. Hawthorne
  • "I enjoyed the pleasant reception and environment provided by Dr. Dhugga and the entire staff."
    J. Young
  • "Friendly employees, customer service are excellent, convenience. Always explain what has to be done."
    O. Gomez
  • "No wait time and the Doctor answered all my questions"
    J. Rai
  • "I was in and out quickly. I always appreciate how friendly and professional the staff is, I cannot imagine going anywhere else for my dental needs."
    R. Sherlock
  • "I liked the staff, also Dr. Dhugga was very concern about my treatment."
    M. Davis
  • "The staff’s ability to inform me of my teeth changes, what I can do to improve, constant communication throughout the entire cleaning made me comfortable."
    C. Nunes
  • "That everyone was simple and friendly. There were no big dealers"
    M. Baldwin
  • "Friendly Dentist and Staff"
  • "How nice the staff was in the office"
  • "Fast, easy and very painless! You have great staff!"
  • "The best part of the visit is that everyone is friendly, knowledgeable, and efficient. There is always great care to make sure I'm aware of what work will be done and that I'm comfortable during the procedure"
  • "Thank you for your excellent care Dr. Dhugga and Staff!"
  • "The facility was clean and neat. The staff are very kowledgeable. I liked the way the dr. came and visited the patient and was part of the treatment. I very much liked the way I was treated"
    T. Subramanian
  • "Just stay the way you are... great!"
    M. Halabi
  • "I think you are doing a fine job!"
  • "I had the best cleaning ever! I really liked Dr. Dhugga
    A. Rios
  • "I enjoy the fact that I can make a visit to a doctor’s office where everyone remembers my name and face. I enjoy spending time with people who actually care about people. You have some of the best service I have ever had at a dentist office. Do not change. That is the best thing you can do. Continue making people feel special and you will continue to grow as a company"
    Cheyene DeWeese
  • "I am thrilled with your office’s professionalism. Dr. Dhugga is very compassionate. Staff is friendly and make me feel at ease. I look forward to my visits because I know you are giving your full attention to my needs. Apart from supplying winning lottery numbers, just keep on doing what you are obviously so capable of doing. You have the best team and a genuine leader in Dr. Dhugga."
    Alice Latimer
  • "Dr. Dhugga is very sensitive to patient’s needs and provides important knowledge to clients in taking care of their dental health. Keep up the good work."
    Greggory Trent
  • "I love the chair message. Clear, concise information from all staff regarding the status of my pending dental work."
    Linda Cabral
  • "It was as pleasant “dental visit” as dental visits could be- you guys are doing a great job. Honestly, I think you are running a perfect operation. I am keeping my fingers crossed that you will keep it at that level as your practice grows!"
    Roman & Vicky
  • "Dr. Dhugga knew I was nervous about my treatment and was very gentle during the procedure."
    Charlynn Askim
  • "I was explained everything. Both Bill and I are very pleased with the progress we have made."
    Barbara Greggans
  • "You took the time to listen to my concerns and offer options. No complaints, you are doing very well!"
    Kyle Duke
  • "I like pleasant staff and comfortable atmosphere . Keep doing what you are doing."
    Eric Jenkins
  • "Dr. Dhugga is very honest. I like the friendliness of the staff."
    Cara Miller
  • "I like how everyone in the office is so nice and willing to help me out. I also like how everything is explained to me as the procedure is being done."
    Karen Ross
  • "I like staff and Dr. Dhugga. I feel very comfortable."
    Libby Stahl
  • "Dr. Dhugga is very knowledgeable and staff is very friendly. Great Office. I have no complaints since being the patient."
    Ada Aberilla
  • "Super Nice."
    Christine Diamond
  • "Everyone in this office is helpful, kind, friendly and competent. I like the kindness and attentiveness."
    Pat Longenbaugh
  • "I like cutomer service and pleasant assistants"
    Andrew Decker
  • "Feel very comfortable."
    Teodora Remo-Aguigui
  • "Hygienist was great and took the time to educate me on several matters of tooth hygiene."
    Krista van Zeyl
  • "Everyone was kind and friendly."
    Elissa Sadlo
  • "Everyone was courteous and professional."
    Angelica Hernandez
  • "Clean and friendly environment."
    Sanjeet Johl
  • "I enjoyed the way Hygienist explained my treatment."
    Mary Thomas
  • "I like your timeliness and professionalism."
    Bill Drake
  • "I like your honesty."
    Luisa Nelson
  • "Friendly people and Doctor listened to my concerns"
    D. Alamillo
  • "I like all the staff and Dr. D."
    Howard Gruder
  • "Everybody who works here is so nice. Everything is great. Don’t Change: )"
    Mandy OKeefe
  • "Staff is prompt and courteous."
    Paul Martin
  • "I love my dentist. I Like that back message thing."
    Heidi Hawthorne
  • "No waiting and prompt attention."
    G. Chaffin
  • "Everything was perfect as always. My husband and I will definitely tell others."
    Rochelle Sherlock
  • "I like how my appointment was conducted in a timely manner"
    Delois Richard
  • "No wait time and they were able to accommodate me being early."
    Jasreen Rai
  • "Friendly staff , very thorough patient care."
    Joanne Flanary
  • "Outstanding service. Thay moved me back an hour so that I could attend another meeting later. Saved my day. Everyone was polite and the service treatment was great. Thank you!"
    Jeff Albrandt
  • "My appointment started on time, modern equipment, nice facility."
    Sonja Hemphill
  • "Staff is nice and Dr. Dhugga is professional and skilled."
    Kevin Sugaski
  • "Your office has been extremily helpful with my scheduling conflicts. You are all very friendly and explain what and how the procedure is being done. I appreciate it."
    Mark Werner
  • "Attention to detail and overall professionalism"
  • "Everyone cares and are so gentle and nice."
    Mandy Okeefe
  • "Personal touch given by Dr. Dhugga and staff."
    Vivian Cabanatan
  • "Dr. Dhugga was inviting and open to listen to questions."
  • "Friendly, informative and gentle."
    Joe Sherlock
  • "I was very impressed. Everything was handled with great customer service. I will recommend you to others."
  • "Friendly staff."
    Tina Barrios
  • "I like your thoroughness."
    Pye Fernando
  • "Your office was such a pleasant experience, the staff, the care and quality of skills in what was being done."
    Kristine Seder
  • "You made me feel comfortable."
    Valerie Meszaros

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